VAT registration

We will make all your plans come true!

VAT registration

We will make all your plans come true!

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Do you need a VAT code for your planned activities? Our accountants are ready to help you with registration in the VAT (value added tax) register.

You can register for VAT voluntarily or mandatory. VAT registration is mandatory in these cases:
  • the turnover exceeds over 45,000 in 12 months.
  • the goods from EU countries were purchased for more than € 14,000 per calendar year
  • more than one company is controlled. In this case, the total turnover basket of the companies is assessed;
  • more than one legal entity is controlled and individual activitiy, activities under a business license or income from a civil contract are are being provided. A natural person must also register as a VAT payer when his or her combined income basket exceeds € 45,000 in 12 months or purchased goods from the EU are more than € 14,000 per calendar year;
When planning to become a VAT payer, you need to:
  • provide documents confirming the authenticity of the activity (cooperation / service provision agreements with suppliers and / or customers, bank account statement, etc.);
  • indicate the address of the activity, submit the lease agreement, if there is any;
  • indicate the shareholders / members and whether they have shares in other companies;
  • specify the permits, licenses required for the activity;
  • indicate the planned number of employees in the company.

If the head of the company is a foreigner, it is required provide a detailed description of the company’s activities and the principle of its implementation.

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